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Commercial Bancshares Services, Inc. is a provider of banking information technology, data processing, and other related products and services for the community banking industry. CBSi personnel equips you with decades of banking, service bureau, and information technology experience. We understand the needs of the community banker. Included in our current suite of products and services are core data processing, end of day processing, internet / mobile / telephone banking, ACH processing, ATM/EFT services, as well as integration with other products. All products and services provided are supported by Commercial Bancshares Services Inc., or in conjunction with selective partners, to help community financial institutions compete more effectively within their marketplace.


Your outsource solution is only as good as it is simple to use. Our browser-based core accounting system interface provides you with fast, easy, access to your customer accounts; providing features you expect from today's banking systems.

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Your outsource solution is only as good as it is secure. Our servers reside in a secured, managed, facility. Up-time, security, and server redundancy are all managed you don't have to. Real-time backups mean no data loss. System redundancy is off-site and far removed, but quickly available in event of any need for recovery.

Your outsource solution is only as good as its support. Our personnel are trained and experienced in the area of bank data processing and information technology. This means we provide solutions; both at the account level as well as the hardware & software level.


CBSi has been servicing community banks since 1989. Our personnel are experienced in banking and information technology.

Our core banking software operates on Microsoft Windows Server operating systems. Servers are centrally located and connected securely, with industry standard backup and replication to our offsite facility for seamless business recovery.


Our mission at CBSi is to provide quality products and services to community banks, in any market of opportunity, in a secure online environment, while emphasizing sound management practices and profitable operations, Commercial Bancshares Services, Inc. understands the importance of its client operations and is sensitive to their needs, their concerns, and the economics that affect their business. Our goal is to assist community banks so they can level the playing field with their competitors, while providing excellent service to its customers.

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Get Support from CBSi

Existing customers, please utilize the following methods for reaching our Customer Service team.

  • Email support. (email address provided to CBSi contact at your institution​)

  • Support Portal: click here | login or select "New User? Sign Up" on this page

  • ​Phone Support: 1.800.314.9176

  • Invoice Portal: click here

Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sat:            8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

CBSi standard support times are CST..For after-hours support always dial 1.800.314.9176.

Do not use email support for urgent support needs.

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Tel: 800-314-9176

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